January 18, 2010


So it's been a busy few days, a trip to my local scrappie to get supplies for my "upcycled" projects, what a great term, it's amazing what you can learn on Etsy. My two daughters (5 and 7) were great helps and soon knew what kind of thing I was looking for, they have a good trained eye and helped me find lots of treasures. On the way home we bought some huge king prawns which were delicious and even my youngest daughters comment that she could "see it's guts pouring out it's head" didn't put us off!

I have been asked to do a Craft Fair, there is a link to their blog, Morningside Makers Market on Sat 6 February. It looks like it will be a very creative crowd. The first 100 get a free goodie bag, all say oooooh!

I have been making garlands galore and sold one of my fabric ones almost immediately so I'll be making more of those, It's funny, I'm delighted it sold but I really quite liked it myself!

I'm also now a proud member of Etsy's Cottage Style Street Team (see link).

Today is at it's end, it's been productive but if anybody can help with suggestions on how to add hours on to the day, please let me know....x

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